requested beauty post

1. etude lemon face wash 2. neutrogena acne wash 3. shiseido perfect whip 4. sothys makeup cleanser 5. biore makeup cleanser

1. clinique lotion 2 2. sk2 facial treatment c 3. sk2 whitening spot 4and5. lamb moisturizer 5. evian facial spray 
6. nixoderm

 1. dark circle mask (bought in sasa) 2. elianto eye patch 3. etude eye patch 4. etude lip patch 5. etude black head removal sheet  5. etude lip patch

etude eye cream

sheets are from etude, small sheets are from skin food, packed sheet are from etude, and in jar from skin food 

1. erha fall hair tonic 2. liese 3. l'oreal hair spa 4. herbal essences dangerously straight 5. tresemme 6. makarizo aloe vera hair mask

top:  1.  girls meet pearls benefit (travel size) 2. bodyshop tinted lipbam in raspberry 3. lip bam (bought in sasa) 4. oriflame silver mascara , mac bronzer

below:  etude bb cream, misha bb cream, anna sui lip gloss, yves saint laurent lipstick 6and7. etude lipstick 8. revlon 9. face shop lip tint 10. etude aloha lip tint 11. body shop eye liner 12. maybelline eye liner 13. etude eye liner 14. etude concealer 15. majolica king lash mascara 16. lancome virtuose mascara 17. yves saint laurent mascara 18. body shop mineral powder 19. etude blush in peach

1. NYX haute jersey pallette 2. brushes kit (below) 3. bodyshop brushes

almost everyday makeup: lip tint from face shop, concelear from etude, mascara from lancome, blush from etude , body shop lip bam, lip bam (bought in sasa) , EOS lip bam in mint (not in picture)

SK2 facial treatment essence
SK2 uv lotion

so here it is. my beauty post is finnnaallyy posted (?) lol. actually i just realized that i got sooo many of beauty products, and i havent even try most of em, some other of em i seldom touch it, and the other some other of em are my mom's. like sk2 products lol

the reason why 2 of the pictures above are not taken by me is because i lost it today. i cant find it anywhere. like really. le sigh 

recommended products are :   SK2 facial treatment essence, neutrogena acne wash, biore makeup cleanser, lamb moisturizer ( my sister bought it from aussie for us when she was here 1 month ago), evian facial spray, etude eye patch, l'oreal hair spa, herbal essences shampoo, makarizo hair mask in aloe, body shop tinted lipbam, and last but not least etude lip tint. 

not recommended products for me :   etude lemon face wash, elianto eye patch, etude eye cream and last is yves saint laurent mascara ( this product is really succcckkks! not worth the price at all)

other than that, they're just so so :) 

so, hey guys! sorry for the absent days of blogging. it just, the days have been rough for me. but its fine. i found my comfort zone back hahaha. tomorrow im going to pulau bintan with my family. so i'll be absent for a week or two! seeya then! xx


  1. omg i'm going to post a beauty post too soon lol. well not exactly beauty post more like review post :P.

    anyway, good that you're back! miss you!
    and have fun at pulau bintan! <3

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