Sorry i didn't post much, it has been hectic. It's not that i'm busy doing school stuffs or that im a very busy person, but i didn't  actually got the chance to make an outfit post till today, my laptob's charger is still broke that i had to lodged my laptob at my friend's house for a day so that i could borrow her charger. lol 

currently liking white and black outfits ( well, mostly black ), not that im still into the monochrome trends, its just that it makes me feel settled and all put together.



Hi guys! Long time no see! Im sorry for the lateness but currently my laptob is mouldered! Dang! Am posting this thru my phone, so i just want to say sorry for the lack of quality and i just want to saayyy that i ammm officcciiaaalllyy loving white too much! In fact it is now my number one favorite color! Following by burgundy, black and grey and mint and so on, i just love colors! if you know what i mean, hihi. Seeyou on my next post and goodnight/goodmorning! xx



hi loveliess! how you doin? its our independence day tomorrow! i might post something tomorrow but im not sure yet soo, please stay tune?  I have a fondness for white - ish kind of thing these days, been searching and buying quite a lot of white stuffs which means that i am officially broke, dang. but its worth it, so yes its fine to be broke for a while, id rather be broke than not to buy stuffs i really really like, its more like a need than a want for me, im sure some of you will get the idea of that, right?

Anyway, apologies for the lack of posting, will update more very soon!



top - topman | skirt - mom made it for me | bag/clutch- zara | watch - guess | shoes - style nanda

hey lovelies! how you doin, the school has started and is going to be holidays again soon.
so this outfit is what i wore last 2 weeks, the top is actually belong to my brother, i have lots of stocks for outfits to be post soon, so please stay tune and bear with me! love ya xx!