hello guys! went to karoke with elva yesterday. i had a great time. she's a good friend :*
my days are good. been going out with my boyfriend that has went back to medan for like almost everyday. watched the amazing spiderman today. i think the movie is not bad but not great enough. i prefer the old spiderman version like three times better.
by the way, ive been taking a make up lesson with my sister and my cousin. fun time, but i dont really like the makeup they put on me, or the makeup they told me to put on my face? whatever. the point is i think the makeup is too mature for me. like an eyeliner on my waterline for a "morning makeup" -,- im very very curious about how my night makeup will be. like really. im guessing fake eyelashes and sparkles all over my eyelid. lol thats it. its 3 in the morning. i got less than 7 hours left to sleep. ciao!

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